A lorry went in the back of my car; when I rang my insurers to make a road accident claim, they wouldn’t help. I only have third party cover, so my insurers were not interested in dealing with my road accident claim. A friend recommended Easigo, and they handled all aspects of my road accident claim.

Easigo traced the other driver, & filed a road accident claim against his insurers. They lent me a replacement car, & their road accident claim engineers did a full report of the damage to my car. Easigo’s lawyers also organised physiotherapy, since I had hurt my neck in the accident.

Once Easigo’s solicitors were involved, the other driver’s insurers reacted to sort out my road accident claim. Before Easigo got involved it seems insurers were not doing anything to resolve my road accident claim.

Easigo organised a medical for me, so that I could get the proper compensation for my road accident claim. They then sent details of my injuries to the other insurers. This enables the insurers to agree the right compensation for my road accident claim.

I am pleased to say I am now fully recovered, and would recommend anyone with a road accident claim to user Easigo. In fact, my aunt, who drives to Spain, has since used Easigo to handle her road accident claim even though the accident was in Spain!

To conclude, I would recommend Easigo to anyone with a road accident claim. Even if you have fully comprehensive insurance, Easigo will save you paying policy excess, and will fight your road accident claim where your own insurer may just want to agree joint blame.

Easigo is major car accident claim company; offering a totally free service for: car accident claims, car insurance claims, any road accident claims, all non fault claims, in the UK & EEC. We handle all traffic claims, RTA claims, car accident claims & any vehicle claims directly through the other driver’s insurers.

You need a road accident claim company- such as Easigo road accident claims. They will arrange to get your damaged vehicle picked up, and give you a similar or better replacement to use. If your vehicle is still drivable, Easigo’s road accident claim will arrange for a replacement when yours goes in for repairs.

Because Easigo road accident claim deal directly with the other party’s insurers, it maybe that you prefer a cash in lieu settlement, to getting your vehicle repaired. All repairs are quoted with new parts, so it’s often possible to fix it yourself and pocket the balance. This is not an option your insurers will offer- Easigo’s road accident claim can do this for you.
Compensation awards for road accident claim injuries can often be a confusing area. It is simply wrong for companies to advertise that they can get you so much for a particular injury or that they can get more than someone else. The raod accident claim compensation award is determined by a number of factors (previous health conditions, occupation, your own body’s ability to recover etc.

To conclude, only use a road accident claim company which charges no fees and give you a 100% compensation. Easigo road accident claim does not use your insurers- protecting your policy excess & no claims bonus. Stick to the road accident claim division of Easigo, who are experts in this area.

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